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My neighbor was over one day when I was working on the camaro and he said he had a complete set of YH wheels in his fathers garage. He said his brother owned a 69 z/28 20 years ago and bought some mags for it and sold the rallyes to my neighbor and they've been sitting in the garage ever since. Now he wants to sell them. I'd like to buy them because my z/28 has FW's on it. Even if they aren't the correct date for my car I could still probably sell them on ebay for a profit. I don't believe he knows much about z/28s and how much the correct parts cost for them. How much should I offer him and is it a good idea even if they aren't the correct date for my car? I think I could get him to sell them for $50 a wheel.



PS: they are complete including the trim rings and hub caps
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