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ZL1 car #22

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Wow guys I just had the craziest evening. I have a 69 camaro listed on ebay and a guy came to look at it from Omaha Nebraska tonight. He brought a friend with him whom he said knows alot about camaros. Turns out his friend has a 69 camaro as well. A ZL1!!! Yes I just spent the last two hours talking to the owner of car #22. The car doesn't retain the original engine but does have a ZL1 motor. He is restoring the car now. He has had the car for over 20 years. He has no intention of ever selling it. He did however say that I can see the car anytime that I'm in the area. Sorry about the long post but guys this just floored me. We had alot to talk about as he told me that he also had at one time a black Copo that did have the #s match engine that is still in Omaha as he sold it to a friend. He told me about a Z11 that was a race car, two time world champion pro stock or super stock or something I need to do some research on this as this car is for sale and can be bought pretty cheap.
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Follow up on leads like this quickly, but be careful of fakes. Always hard knowing when to pull the trigger. Good Luck and keep us informed! And, as always, PICS! :)
I think I am going to plan a trip to Omaha next week and check out the ZL1. I just want to see the car. The Z11 I want to research the history on the car a little bit. There has been an interior change the stripes are gone and it has racing stickers all along the bottam of the car and a non original engine and trans. This is suppose to be a well known car with the race history. It can be bought for roughly $30K but I need to do a little research on this one.
That must be Dave.
I believe the orig motor for #22 has been found, but I'm not sure where it is anymore.
Right as usual Kurt. Can you believe the guy will not even concider selling the motor to match it back up with car.
Yes, I can. I can tell you a long story about an A-hole like that. His right but...:mad:
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