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I have asked simililar questions before.... I have searched every article that included zz454 in it...

First off. I have a PS and drivers side alternator........ Will both of these accessories bolt up just like they do on my 396 block?

I have read some have issues with motor mounts. I am using stock 69's.

I have 2247 hooker headers. I think i will have to grind some on the header flanges for them to clear the head bolts.

Will any big block flywheel work? I have the tremec TKO. I was going with the flywheel recommended by SDPC. Along with there HEI, Mini starter and oil pan.

I was thinking of going with the street avenger 770cfm carb with manual choke. I currently have a 750 puddle dumper.

I currently have ALL msd ignition(tach box, msd 6a, dizzy 85551), will the current ignition setup i have work with the GM rec'd HEI dizzy? without modification?

Anyone that has installed a zz454 in there 67-69 camaro and has tips, tricks or part numbers for this install and comment in this thread, is very much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.
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