New Camaro

Wide Stance Stability and Big-CAr Power Keynote This Exciting New Road Machine from Chevrolet

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Wide-footed stability that's built in gives Camaro a road-clutching tenacity. With this exceptional wide stance (only an inch shy of five feet front and rear) the new Camaro rides like much larger cars. In the handling department, the favorable ratio of wide stance tread to wheelbase gives it clinging power on curves, incredible straight-line tracking.

Camaro is band-box new by Chevrolet, and a freshly styled example of how fine an exciting road machine can look. Both models - convertible and sport coupe - have the long sports-car-inspired hood. The body styling sweeps your eye astern. And from the rear, Camaro's stylistic freshness sets it apart from the mundane.

By now it's clear that Camaro is a go as well as a show machine. Camaro offers you the kind of deep breathing big cubic-inch power you might expect only in far larger cars - topped by a Turbo-Jet 396 V8, plus a 350-cubic-inch V8 that's exclusively Camaro's.

Also in the power line-up: standard 140-hp six-cylinder or 210-hp V8. You can specify a 155-hp six (with larger displacement) or a 275-hp 327-cu.-in. V8. Full details on power teams will be found here.

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Camaro hosts all of the 1967 standard safety features including dual master cylinder brake system, GM-developed energy-absorbing steering column and passenger-guard door locks. .

You can put yourself into the Camaro you see pictured on pages 4-5. Or you can specify the Rally Sport version illustrated on pages 6-7. Perhaps you want to order Camaro SS excitingly spelled out on pages 8-9. If you like, you can combine the verve of the Camaro SS with the striking Rally Sport version, as shown above. Dressing up the interior is an adventure, too. Check the Custom Interior for special luxury on order.

Do you want to personalize your machine to say "you" all over? Then you'll want to look over all of the Options and Custom Features. For instance, you can order a brand new Chevrolet-Delco Stereo Tape System that includes a special 80-minute tape program narrated by Lorne Greene of Bonanza. Or specify stereo tape and AM/FM radio with FM stereo for true sonic enjoyment. And to round out the comfort idea, Four-Season air conditioning. Other Options: vinyl roof, 4-Speed, Strato-ease headrests, special instrumentation and a Sports Console - in short, all you could want to individualize your Camaro.

You're witnessing, on the pages of this catalog, a true command performance! You've been waiting for a Chevrolet like it's here.

This One is Camaro's Lowest Priced ...
And Just Look at All the Standard Goodies you Get

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Scan Camaro's lean form again on these pages and check out all you get as standard equipment. Even if you didn't order another thing, you'd get a car packed with comfort, performance and styling features. Like headlight and parking light styling integration. Curved body side glass. Rakish wheel openings. Upswept styling behind the doors. Thoughtfully worked out taillight and backup light treatment.

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Naturally you'll want to look inside. The interior in either sport coupe or convertible comes off sporty: handsome Strato-bucket front seats. Specify a Strato-back front seat (sport coupe only) with fold-down center armrest if you like. A rear seat molded to give a bucket seat feeling. An all-vinyl interior, richly embossed, and carpeting that stretches from door to door, front to rear. Driver-oriented and padded instrument panel. Sun visors are padded, too. The inside day-night rearview mirror has vinyl material around viewing surface attached to a breakaway support. Controls have smooth contoured knobs while window regulator knobs are pliant plastic and color-keyed. Front and rear seat belts are color-keyed as well. Embossed vinyl door trim panels and armrests with bright accents; ashtrays are included in the convertible's rear armrests. Specify your interior in four colors with bucket seats (three with Strato-back front seat) keyed to exterior color.

And what, you ask, lurks under that long, slim hood? Either of two eager hummers: 140-hp Turbo-Thrift 230 six-cylinder or 210-hp Turbo-Fire 327 V8, both standard engines. Hooked on behind are the sweetest fully synchronized 3-Speeds you could shift. That's not all, though. Check out the big power team choices available for Camaro.

The Style Trim Group you can order adds bright metal front and rear wheel opening moldings, color-keyed body accent stripes and, on sport coupes, a bright metal drip gutter molding.

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A perfect go-together with the Style Trim Group is the Special Interior Group which includes: bright metal on accelerator, brake, clutch and parking brake pedal pads; and bright metal windshield pillar moldings (also roof rail molding in the sport coupe).

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